Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The T-shirt Trend

There's a new trend going on in my household.  I think these trends almost always start with the oldest child doing something and all the siblings following because they think it's the new cool thing to do.  Well suddenly my kids are raiding my husband's t-shirt drawer and wearing his t-shirts to bed in place of their nightgowns or boxers.   My son has chosen to rotate between an assortment of my husbands triathlon racing shirts.  My daughter, on the other hand, dug deep into the bowels of the drawer and has selected her favorite shirt.  She thinks it's from a swim shop because the lady on the front is wearing a snorkel and mask.  She doesn't understand why I laughed so hard when she appeared wearing it, but now she is wearing it every night.  When my husband returned from a recent business trip our conversation went like this,
T- "Who messed up my t-shirt drawer?"  
M-"The kids, they are wearing your shirts to bed."
(Weird look on my husbands face.)
M-"The best part is the one your daughter chose, perhaps you should explain it's origin to her."
(Another weird look.)
That evening my daughter emerged from her bath wearing her new favorite night garment.  My husband and I laughed.  In reality is was from a certain "Gentlemen's Club" called Sammy's that my husband had acquired during college on one of his wild spring break trips to Florida.  My daughter was proud to be wearing her father's shirt.  For now we'd let her keep thinking it was from a swim shop.

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