Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Girdle is Back!

Okay, so I think I have been tagged on yahoo.  I decided that with my fourth pregnancy I was going to take control of my out of control, stretched out stomach after the baby came.  I started doing some research.  First I typed in "belly band after baby" into the search engine.  I was looking for some magic band that you wear around your waist that sucks in all the stretchy skin and makes your stomach go back to it's original shape within weeks.  I came across a site which sells just what I was looking for.  Even better, it is endorsed by all kinds of celebs that have worn it and have remarkable bodies in just weeks.  (It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that they have tons of money and can pay for a personal trainer to work out with them for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, could it?)  After reading about the belly bandit, It sounded great, but a little pricey, $65.95 for the most cozy one which is made from bamboo fiber (I figure I have been pregnant for 36 months of my life and if I'm going to get one, I should be comfortable wearing it, right?).  They also suggest you buy two because when you wash one, you still need to wear one, so now I'd be spending $131.90.  I was pretty much sold, but decided to look into other options on the web.  But, what else do you call these waist cinchers?  Suddenly it dawned on me, as I remembered back to my childhood, sitting in my mother's bedroom while she got ready to go out, that she would squeeze herself into a girdle.  Whatever happened to the girdle?  I never hear of people wearing girdles anymore.  I decided to search for girdles.  They were everywhere, they just aren't called girdles anymore.  The more PC term for them is "Waist Nipper".   JCPenny sold them.  Target sold them.  Anyone who sold intimate women's apparel offered waist nippers.  I looked into many of the options out there and they seemed similar to the belly bandit in that they all held in the stomach, but there were lots of negative reviews about comfort (comfort is key for me after giving birth).  I've decided to splurge on the belly bandit.  And by the way, when I open my search engine page now, I am bombarded with ads for waist nippers.  Like I said, I've been tagged.  I've officially become my mother.  I will also be wearing a girdle.  I'll let you know how it works!

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