Monday, July 27, 2009

Annual Block Party

On Saturday night we had our annual block party.  The night consisted of eating, drinking, and fun for the kids.  We started with a visit from our local fire department.  The highlight was the kids getting to play in water that shoots out from the firetruck hoses.  We rented a bounce house for the first time and it was like hiring a babysitter for the entire night.  The kids jumped until about 11 PM.  We had a Dora pinata that was about 3 feet tall.  The very young kiddos refused to hit it because they were traumatized by "hitting and hurting" Dora.  The older kiddos were thrilled to be able to hit a cartoon character that they were way too cool to be associated with.  Our final planned activity was a Peppumber toss.  My husband and I planted our first garden this summer with the kids.  Our cucumbers cross-pollinated with our banana peppers and we grew a totally new vegetable - the peppumber.  Since we had an entire bag of these unusual veggies, we decided to entertain the neighborhood by seeing who could throw them the farthest.  The night was a hit and the kids are already talking about next year's block party.  

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