Monday, September 7, 2009

You Don't Want to Miss "Paint Over"!

Calling all HGTV lovers. . . There is a new show, only 5 episodes long (at this point), that will be airing on HGTV this week. A friend of mine, Jennifer Bertrand, who went to the University of Kansas with me and was the Design Star season 3 winner, will be the host. If the show is a big hit, it could be extended. So friends, set your DVRs and prepare to watch her show. Here is a direct quote from Jen about her show, "The premise is that I get to help families in big life moments such as life after cancer, a kidney transplant, divorce, etc. and I do two room makeovers in their home. I so appreciate all of your support!!!!!" I have attached a link that will take you to more information about Jen and her show. Tune in and let's make this show a hit. Thanks!

“Paint Over” on HGTV

3 pm Central/ 4 Eastern

Monday-Friday Sept 7-11

One week only (5 new episodes)


  1. I loved her last year on DS! I wondered what happened to her...I have been waiting for her show to start. I will for sure Tivo it!

  2. Tried to follow your blog... but there is a glitch right now. It said to try back I will try again later.

  3. I love HGTV! We are watching the current season of Design Star. I was sad to see Lonnie go :( I can't wait to see Jennifer's new show!

  4. So glad people are watching. Jen could use the support!