Thursday, September 24, 2009

The 19 Pound Baby

I have an apology to make. I have been away from my blog with the countdown of my 4th baby arriving, running around, getting things done like a mad woman. Will it ever all be done? She could be here any day, although I am guaranteed to be induced on September 30. Yahoo! I am huge and miserable and soooooo ready to get this baby out.
As I have written in previous blog posts, complete strangers have loved to make comments about my size. My stomach is enormous, much bigger than it ever was with the other 3 kids. This morning I logged onto my computer and the first thing a saw was terrifying - every pregnant woman's nightmare. It was a story from the Today show about a baby born in Indonesia that was 19 pounds. The pictures say it all - Yikes! He is practically a man. The poor mom. Too bad they didn't show pictures of her or her stomach. Maybe they could have started a fund to collect money for the tummy tuck she will need after carrying her man-child. Poor lady, at least she had a c-section. All I have to say is HURRY, get my baby out. It's gaining weight everyday! Check this out:


  1. 19 lbs!!! Oh my word!!!! I hear ya about how you're feeling. It's exactly how I felt at the end my last pregnancy, which was 8 weeks ago (baby #3).
    You're almost there!

  2. wow! Hope you are feeling well...

    My son was 10 days late and I had to be induced too! All I kept thinking was how he was growing every extra day!
    all was good and he just turned 10.
    good luck to you