Friday, September 25, 2009

The Honest Truth

Yesterday after school I was driving our carpool home. The carpool consists of my 3 kids along with my sons first love, Megan, (he would die if he read this) and her 11 year old brother, Ethan. We have been carpooling since the kids began preschool 5 years ago and so Megan and Ethan are pretty comfortable with me. I casually mentioned to them, "Hey, I saw your mom running this morning. She was running with your dog." The dog is a new addition to the family, a black lab named Chalmers that was rescued from a shelter. Megan proceeded to get out of the car, but not before adding, "Uh, oh, that's not good for the dog. He's not supposed to be running." Of course I had to ask why. Her response was, "Because he just had his balls removed."
I love it!

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