Monday, August 24, 2009

My Huge Mistake

Ahhhh! So last night while I was having my standoff with my 3 year old because she wouldn't, or couldn't, go to bed (read last nights blog for the complete story), I made a terrible mistake. I was trying to kill time, just waiting for her to fall asleep. First I began to sew, which I do quite often. At this point, I had my tape measure draped around my neck (and proceeded to leave there throughout our little standoff). I got antsy so I got onto the computer and updated my blog. I saw an ad for and decided to search for jobs. Yeah, totally crazy since I'm getting ready to have my fourth child, as if four kids isn't a job. It's a pretty cool site and I could see how job seekers could have a lot of success. Some of the jobs sounded fun and profitable. Maybe I'll quit my current job. My husband would love that. "Honey, I've decided to quit. You'll have to find someone else to take care of the kids." Anyway, my eyes were getting tired (too bad it was about 12 AM and my daughter was not also getting tired). The tape measure was still around my neck. Hmmm. My waist looked huge at 8 months pregnant. It is bigger than it ever was with any of the other kids. A little devil on my shoulder chanted, "Measure it! Measure it! Measure it!" I did the dreaded. Ahhhhhhh! I measured it. 43.5 inches. Holy cow. I looked online and that is the equivalent of an XXXXL. I've never even seen an XXXXL. Wow, all those people who have been making comments about my size the last couple of weeks were right. I was completely depressed. I was completely huge! However, I had just won the standoff. It was 12:30 AM. My daughter had fallen asleep. Good night!

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