Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Innocence of Babes

Okay, so before I tell you a little story about my 3 year old I have to say that my entries on my blog have been a little sporadic lately. As the birth of my 4th child gets closer, things seem to be getting really hectic, so my time on the computer is very limited and random. I will try and steal time away and write as much as possible.
Anyway, now for the fun stuff. My 2 older children started school today, 3rd and 1st grade. They go to a local Catholic school. As you might imagine, being a Catholic school, there are religious symbols and statues throughout the building. On the first day my husband and I always walk the kids in and drop them off at their classrooms. My 3 year old went with us today and quietly watched as we said goodbye to her older siblings. Once we left school, we had to run an errand before heading home. My daughter was very quiet in the car and then said, "Mom, why is the Jesus at sissy's school black?" (I have to say that I was a little shocked at the question because we do not describe people by the color of their skin in our household.) I thought about it for a minute. Throughout my life I have seen Jesus portrayed as various ethnicities, and never really given it much thought. I hadn't ever noticed the particular statue that my daughter was talking about, but I imagine that it had dark skin, not like any that she had seen before. I said to her, "Jesus can look many different ways. Each person has their own thoughts about what Jesus looks like."
If you remember from previous blog posts, my daughter has repeatedly gotten into my makeup and other beauty products. In her little 3 year old mind she had the perfect explanation to describe his appearance,
"No mommy, Jesus got into his mommies makeup. He was real bad. I bet he's in trooouuuble!" Oh the wisdom of a 3 year old mind!

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