Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Husband of the Year

Good Morning! Do you hear that sound? Oh, yeah, there is no sound. I am the only one at my house right now because my super wonderful husband decided to take all 3 of our children on a 17 hour drive to visit his parents. For eight days my husband and kids will be seeing the wonders of Myrtle Beach and Charlotte, North Carolina and for eight days I will have peace and quite and the ability to get my house organized with no interruptions. I'm sure you are wondering why I didn't go, well I am now eight months pregnant and feeling somewhat like a small elephant. My doctor highly recommended that I don't make the trip and I agreed since our baby is almost here and we've done nothing to prepare (poor 4th child). This is actually a win/win situation for all of us. My husband gets a much needed break from work and he gets to see his parents. The kids get to see their grandparents and go to the beach (always a favorite vacation). I get tons of rest, relaxation, and time to prepare before the baby arrives. Well, I must be going. I think I'll read the paper now.

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